Saturday, May 1, 2010

Calculating the Ultimate Redemption


"Rav Chaim Vital’s comment is known, that one who knows the measure of the levels, and who can estimate our daily descent, can know when the moment of redemption will arrive. After our soul descends to the dust and our belly sticks to the ground, then Gd will rise and help us, for when she falls until there is no more room to fall, then will come the redemption of “at its time.” It is written, “She has fallen, and she will not continue,” meaning that when she has fallen so much that she cannot fall further, meaning she has fallen to the ground, the end of all levels, then, “Rise, betulah of Israel.”"

(R' Dovid ben Shlomo Eibeschutz, Arvei Nachal to Parshat Behar, Derush 2)

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