Monday, March 1, 2010

The message of removing the table during the Seder


"The practice of uprooting the table when saying KiHa lachma anya (“Like this bread of oppression”) is meant to explain why matzah, the bread our ancestors ate in Egypt, is called “bread of oppression.” The Jews were given into the hands of the Egyptians, who could destroy their livelihood and uproot their table, for the hands with which they would earn their living were bound to the Egyptians.

"To remember this reality we uproot the table when we recite the Haggadah, saying, “Like this bread of oppression which our ancestors ate in the land of Egypt,” meaning that our ancestors anticipated, at every moment and every instant, that their table might be uprooted – that the Egyptians might say to them, “Work for us, and we will not feed you.”"

(Haggadah haShir v'haShevach, R' Zalman Sorotzkin)

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