Thursday, December 10, 2009

A ninth day for Chanukah outside of Israel?


"The Baal haIttim wrote: Why do we not celebrate nine days of Chanukah out of doubt, just as we celebrate nine days of Succot, keeping a ninth day because of uncertainty regarding the eighth day?

"He replied that it's because Succot is biblical, and the sages were strict regarding doubt for its observance since we no longer establish the calendar based on observation [of the moon]. Chanukah is rabbinic, though, and so the same sages who said to observe eight days of Chanukah are the ones who said to use the calculation of the molad [the moon's phase]."

(Avudraham, Chanukah)

[Note: I'm not clear on why he links the sfeika d'yoma [extra day of doubt] to a calculated calendar.]

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