Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chanukah's Durability


Preface: Chanukah’s observance was recorded in Megilat Taanit, an ancient text which listed days when one may not fast or mourn.

"Rav and R’ Chanina said: Megilat Taanit is now void…

"Rav Kahana challenged: We learned, “Once they decreed a fast on Chanukah in Lod, and Rabbi Eliezer bathed and Rabbi Yehoshua took a haircut, and they told the community, ‘Now, fast to atone for your fasting!’”

“Rav Yosef said: Chanukah is different, for its observance is a mitzvah.

“Abbaye asked: Let it be void, and let its mitzvah be void!

“Rather, Rav Yosef said: Chanukah is different , for it publicizes a miracle.”

(Talmud, Rosh haShanah 18b)

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