Monday, November 16, 2009

Physical vs. Financial Generosity


"Rabbi Elazar said: Acts of physical generosity are greater than acts of financial tzedakah.

"It is written, 'Plant for yourselves according to righteousness [tzedakah], harvest according to generosity.' One who plants might eat and might not eat; one who harvests will definitely eat."

(Talmud, Succah 49b)

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  1. Rabbi Elazar's statement left me a bit down this morning. I'm finally able to donate to causes that I believe in and he says that comes in second place to physical tzedakah. I notice that my mailbox is constantly filled with requests for money; I have volunteered my time to a Day School library, the Bureau of Jewish Education, etc. and found that they really look on volunteers as second class citizens. Have things changed since Rabbi Elazar's time?

  2. Hi Filala,

    Perhaps chesed means different things to different people?