Saturday, November 28, 2009

Complaining of our wealth


"Rabbi Akiva said: Everyone complained about the silver and gold which accompanied the Jews from Egypt, as it is written: 'Your silver was dross (Yeshayah 1),' 'And I increased silver for them, and they used gold for the baal [idol] (Hosheia 2),' 'They made idols for themselves from their silver and gold, to be cut off (Hosheia 8).'

"Rabbi Huna and Rabbi Yirmiyah in the name of Rabbi Shemuel bar Rav Yitzchak said: It does not say, 'So that they will be cut off [plural],' but 'to be cut off [singular, about the silver and gold itself].' It is like one who says, 'May so-and-so's name be cut off, for he took my son in a bad direction.'"

(Midrash, Bereishit Rabbah 28)

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