Monday, December 22, 2008

The spiritual light of Israel will never be dimmed


R' Shimshon Raphael Hirsch's strong message on the Menorah's light:

"Each year, when the Chanukah season recurs, lights are kindled in every home of Israel, and by every son of Israel, and the events of those days are celebrated in word and in song, paying homage to Gd. Thus the darkened courses of Israel are lit up by this message: 'The spiritual light of Israel will never be dimmed.'

"And even if round about you everything becomes defiled by the oppression of the time, so long as the light remains pure within the confines of only one house or within the breast of only one man, live on joyfully amid all the wanton aberration, even die joyfully under the frenzy of a madman, for the spiritual life of Israel is saved. Gd watches over it; and even by the light of one man He rekindles it anew."

(Horeb, paragraph 246)

Have a great Chanukah,

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