Sunday, December 28, 2008

A humble epitaph


This was Rabbi Aryeh Levin's instruction for his epitaph:

"I strongly insist that no more than one row of simple, undressed stones be placed over the grave; the tombstone should be of modest size, and the inscription should not vary in the least from what I have written herewith:

"'Here lies Aryeh Leib the son of Binyomin Beinish of blessed memory, known as R' Aryeh Levin.'

"I insist that not even one word of praise be added. For I possess no Torah learning, being fluent in not even one chapter; nor have I a proper reverent awe of Heaven, or good deeds to my credit. If I did something of worth, I have been accorded honor for it seven times over; and perhaps I have thus, Gd forbid, already received my full reward for it."

(R' Aryeh Levin, as cited in A Tzaddik in our time, pg. 468)

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