Thursday, January 29, 2015

Miracles are not the measure of a prophet


"The compilers have agreed that miracles and wonders are an essential trait among the prophetic traits, and the level of the prophet is in accord with the level of his wonders. But I have already written in my מחזה ש-ד-י that it is not so. Performing miracles and wonders is not an essential trait of prophecy. It is not impossible that a person prophesy and not perform any miracles. These are not what indicate the level of the prophet, because they are performed only based on the need and demand of the moment…

"Our master Moshe was distinguished from other prophets by his level of prophecy, not his level of miracles. Thus the  text said (Devarim 34), 'And no other prophet arose in Israel like Moshe, whom Gd knew, face [to face].'"

(Don Isaac Abarbanel to Yehoshua 10)

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