Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Why do we say a complete Hallel on each day of Succot?


"The reason why we complete [the entire] Hallel all eight days of Chanukah and nine days of Succot [outside Israel; in Israel it is eight days], and on Pesach  we only complete it on the first two days, and we don't complete it on Rosh Chodesh, is because:

"Each of the eight days of Chanukah has something new – an additional light. The eight [biblical] days of Succot each have different korbanot… And therefore we complete Hallel on those days. Each of the days of Chanukah and Succot is like its own holiday, distinct in its lights and korbanot respectively.

"But on the seven [biblical] days of Pesach and on Rosh Chodesh, there is no distinction between korbanot. All of them are identical. Therefore, we don't complete Hallel; we only complete it on the first two days [of Pesach]."

(Avudraham, Laws of Chanukah)

חג סוכות שמח,

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