Monday, October 6, 2014

He is your relative!


[Introduction: Michah 7:18 says that Gd forgives "the she'eirit of His portion". The word she'eirit implies a blood relationship; see Vayikra 18:6, for example.]

"This is how Gd acts with Israel, saying, 'What shall I do to Israel? They are My relatives, she'eir of My flesh!' For they are partners to Gd, and Gd calls them 'My daughter,' 'My sister,' 'My mother,' as seen in the words of the sages…

"And one should be thus with his friend. All Israel are she'eir relatives of each other, for their souls are interwoven. One has a portion in the other, the other has a portion in this one… "

(Rabbi Moshe Cordovero, Tomer Devorah 1:4)

חג סוכות שמח,

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