Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The prohibition against sexual immorality


Mitzvah 35, according to the count of the Sefer haChinuch, prohibits a Jew from engaging in intercourse with the spouse of another. The Sefer haChinuch explains that these types of activity are inherently harmful, both to the species and to the individual:

Species - HaShem created each species and instructed it to reproduce "according to its type," for the benefit of the species, and monogamy is considered inherently beneficial for the development of our species.

Individual - Disruption of loyal relationships leads to confusion, jealousy, hatred and violence. A strong marriage, on the other hand, builds safety, stability, trust and love.

Technically, the biblical command of Lo tinaf applies only to relationships sanctioned by the Torah, and therefore is limited to Jewish marriages. However, a separate biblical instruction of v'davak b'ishto “He shall cling to his wife,” applies to Jew and non-Jew alike and prohibits violation of any monogamous, intercourse-based relationship. (Sanhedrin 58a, Tosafot Kiddushin 21b אשת )

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