Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Miracles of Yosef and Mordechai


"Rabbi Yudin cited Rabbi Binyamin: The sons of Rachel [Yosef and Mordechai] share the same tests and power.

"The same tests:
·         Bereishit 39:10 "And when she spoke to Yosef daily." Esther 3:4 "And when they spoke to him daily."
·         Bereishit 39:10 "And he did not listen to her." Esther 3:4 "And he did not listen to them."

"The same power:
·         Bereishit 41:42 "And Pharaoh removed his ring." Esther 8:2 "And the king removed his ring."
·    Bereishit 41:42 "And he put it on [vayiten] Yosef's hand." Esther 8:2 "And he gave it [vayitnah] to Mordechai."
·      Bereishit 41:42 "And he clothed him in linen garb." Esther 6:9-11 "And the garb and horse shall be given… And Haman took"
·        Bereishit 41:42 "And he placed [vayasem] a gold brooch on his neck." Esther 8:2 "And Esther placed [vatasem] placed Mordechai over the house of Haman."
·        Bereishit 41:42 "And he drove him in his viceroy's chariot." Esther 6:11 "And he drove him in the streets of the city."

·      Bereishit 41:42 "And he called before him, Avrech" Esther 6:11 "And he called before him, 'So shall be done, etc.'"

(Midrash, Bereishit Rabbah 87:6)

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