Thursday, June 6, 2013

Prayer regarding a future event


[Note: The following quote refers to prayer about a positive event, asking Gd to make it happen sooner.]

"Regarding events decreed before Gd, and testified by His prophets, to happen a set time, prayer and pleas are inappropriate. There should be only thanks for the generosity and good He will perform. Prayer may be appropriate in the future, but only after the testified time arrives, and its realization is delayed. Before this, why pray? Is it appropriate to pray for birth [to occur] before term?"

(Don Isaac Abarbanel, Maayanei haYeshuah 10:1)

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  1. How do we reconcile what the Abarbanel says with the concept that tefilla, teshuva and tzedaka annul the decree?

  2. Hi Terry,

    Thanks for commenting - I think I need to add an explanatory note to my post. Abarbanel is discussing a positive event, and prayer that it should occur sooner.