Thursday, June 13, 2013

Give to others in order to become generous


"Gd desired that His nation should be crowned in every good and precious trait, with a spirit of blessing and generosity. As I have already written, the soul is inspired by our activities, and so it will become good, and Gd's blessing will come to it.

"There is no doubt that when a person leaves some of his produce in his field, rendering it ownerless for all to benefit, you will see in his spirit satisfaction, a proper and blessed spirit, and a sense that Gd has sated him with His plenty, and His spirit will rest in goodness. One who gathers everything into his house, and who will not leave behind any blessing for the needy who saw the field with its standing grain and who longed to fill their desire with it, for they hunger, demonstrates a wicked heart and bad spirit."

(R' Aharon haLevi, Sefer haChinuch 216)

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