Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Simple repentance


"Rabbi Shimon said: The flour-offering brought in atonement for a sin should have required oil and frankincense, so that the sinner would not be [financially] rewarded for his sin [by being able to bring a cheap offering; other offerings did have frankincense and oil].

"Why are frankincense and oil not brought? So that the offering will not be beautiful."

(Talmud, Sotah 15a)

Note: People who repent for a sin often see their new elevation and become proud of what they have accomplished, which is good. The problem is that this can create a dangerous situation – one may feel that the sin is far in the past, and no longer a threat. As such, this person brings a slightly-degraded offering so that he'll remember the gravity of the initial act, and be wary of repeating it.

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