Thursday, March 29, 2012

Why is Ha Lachma Anya in Aramaic?


"Some explain that we say this paragraph [Ha Lachma Anya] in Aramaic because Jerusalemites spoke Aramaic when expressing joy…

"My mentor R' Yehudah, my second brother, explained that it is because this was their foreign tongue, for this paragraph was established in Babylon…

"My brother R' Binyamin explained that we say it in Aramaic because the sages taught in a midrash on Eichah 1:3, "Israel was not exiled until they ate chametz on Pesach, for Eichah 1:3 says, 'Yehudah was exiled from oni' and matzah is called 'bread of oni'." Therefore we say it in Aramaic, to reveal this sin to our children, so that they will be careful."

(R' Tzidkiyahu ben Avraham haRofei, Shibbolei haLeket 218)

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