Saturday, March 10, 2012

Avoid becoming a target of suspicion


Preface: The term "eruv chatzeirot", as used here, refers to a meal owned by the residents of adjacent properties. Designating such a joint meal permits them to carry from one private yard into an adjacent private yard, or within an enclosed yard to which all of them have access.

"We are taught that the eruv chatzeirot should be kept in the same house in which it was kept in the past, to create peace. What is the issue? If it's because moving it would detract from the honour of the house's residents, what about the Shofar (literally, or a reference to a tzedakah box) which was first kept in Rav Yehudah's house, then in Rabbah's, then in Rav Yosef's, then in Abbaye's, and then in Rava's?

"Rather, it's because of this: Were people to enter the house and not see the eruv chatzeirot, they would suspect that people had become lax in this law, and were no longer observing it."

(Talmud, Gittin 60b)

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