Monday, February 20, 2012

To be pious is to forgive


"'Chasid' only refers to one who forgives his rights. When people who have sinned against him and wronged him come before him, and they regret it and ask his forgiveness, correcting all that they can correct and asking his forgiveness for the rest, and they say they will accept whatever judgment he decrees for them, and he sees he could harm them and punish them and instead he forgives them wholeheartedly and he does not harm them, he is called a 'chasid' for this, as in Yirmiyahu 3:12, "Return Israel… I will not frown upon you, for I am a chasid." And so Yosef forgave the sons of Yaakov when they sinned against him, and he did not punish them."

(R' Yehudah haChasid, Sefer Chasidim 11)

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