Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rabbi Pinchas ben Yair did not want to eat out - Part I


"Rebbe heard [that Rabbi Pinchas ben Yair had arrived]. He went out to greet him, and asked, 'Would you like eat with me?' Rabbi Pinchas ben Yair replied: Yes.

"Rebbe's face shone [with joy]. Rabbi Pinchas ben Yair said to him, 'Did you think I had vowed not to benefit from Israel? Israel is a holy people! I only refuse because some people want to host but lack the means, and others have the means but don't sincerely want to host, and it is written (Mishlei 23:6-7), 'Do not eat the bread of a stingy person, and do not desire his tasty food, for it is bitter in his soul; he will instruct you, 'Eat and drink,' but his heart is not with you.' You, on the other hand, sincerely want to host and have the means.'"

(Talmud, Chullin 7b)

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