Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Learn chassidut and kabbalah


"Learn works of chassidut, such as Sh"lah, Maharal, the works of the early chassidim like the great Maggid, Noam Elimelech...

"Even if they include things you do not understand, do not rest your hand from them. At the least, you understand their path, their path of holiness and piety, on your level. Aside from this, their words themselves and their spirit of holiness will stick to you and you will be purified.

"You should also learn a little from the works of kabbalah, so that, at the least, you won't be entirely ignorant in them. The book will be a flow of dew, good for you."

(R' Klonymus Kalman Schapira, Bnei Machshavah Tovah, Seder Hadrachah uKlalim 11)

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  1. An interesting quote from R'KKS.Is this the rebbe known as "ha admor hechalutz,the brother of the admor me Piaseszneh? Of course many disagree with him about learning kabbala unless it is through the prism of chassidut or the works of such late greats such as R'Kook or R'Shagar both ZTZL.Works such as the Zohar or Tomer Dvora are completely inaccessible to baalebattim and even for most avreichim and rabbanim must be learned with a rav who is a master in Kabbala