Thursday, January 27, 2011

Using Torah as a song


"One who recites a verse from Song of Songs and makes it a sort of song, or one who recites a verse at an inappropriate time, brings evil to the world. The Torah clothes itself in sackcloth, stands before Gd and says: Master of the Universe! Your children have made me like a lyre with which the nations play for idolatry!

"Gd replies: My daughter! If so [that you protest], what should My children do when they are glad?

"Torah responds: Master of the Universe! If they are scholars, let them involve themselves in Torah, mishnah, talmud, halachah and aggadah. If they are not learned, let them involve themselves in the laws of Pesach on Pesach, the laws of Shavuot on Shavuot, and the laws of Succot on Succot."

(Kallah Rabti 1:6)

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