Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Developing inspiration for prayer


"Often one prays but the time is not ripe for awakening, and often one reaches awakening but he does not pray, for it is not the time for prayer...

"This is why we have presented ways for him to awaken himself in prayer through various strategies, but he should not abandon the second side. When he has any kind of internal awakening at any point during the day, outside of the time of prayer and worship, he should not abandon it. He must only use it as a key to the soul. As we have mentioned, all types of feelings, even of business or other matters of the body, of a broken heart or of joy, includes a revelation of the soul. It is only clothed in the needs of this world.

"One must use this ripe opportunity, and when he feels any type of broken heart, even for physical reasons, he should immediately go off to the side, stand by a wall, and recite some chapter of Tehllim. It would best to recite a chapter that relates to the event, and to his worries... And so when one feels joy inside..."

(R' Klonymus Kalman Schapiro, Bnei Machshavah Tovah, Seder Emtzaei v'Yesod haChevra 9)

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