Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Working on Chanukah


"The sages taught: One who labors on Friday, the eve of Yom Tov, Saturday night, the night after Yom Tov, Chanukah, Purim or Rosh Chodesh, or any time when there is some element of sin - which includes public fasts - will never see a sign of blessing from it."

(R' Yehudah haChasid, Sefer Chasidim 121)

Note that R' Yehudah haChasid is adding to the classic list of Pesachim 50b here; the original talmudic list included nothing other than the Shabbat and Yom Tov-related occasions. Of course, there are other sources related to working on the additional days, and those were the basis for R' Yehudah haChasid's statement.

Chag sameach and chodesh tov,

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