Monday, December 27, 2010

Divine tools are everywhere


[Kohelet 5:8 mentions, “Yitron ha’aretz bakol he,” which may be translated, out of context, as “the excess of the land is everywhere.”]

"Our masters said: What is, “The excess of the land is everywhere?” Even those things which appear to you as excess, like flies and lice and gnats, are actually part of Creation, as it is written (Bereishit 1), “And Gd saw all that He had made.”

"Rabbi Acha ben R’ Chanina said: Even that which you see as excess, like snakes and scorpions, are included in the world’s creation. Gd said to the prophets, “Do you think that if you fail to carry out My mission, I will have no messenger? ‘The excess of the land is everywhere’ – I can have a snake or scorpion or frog carry out My task.”"

(Midrash, Shemot Rabbah 10)

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