Monday, September 6, 2010

Praying: Silent, Loud and in Tears


Commenting on Tehillim 39:13, "Hear my prayer, Gd; lend an ear to my wailing. To my tears be not silent..."

"'Hear my prayer, Gd' - This refers to silent prayer.

"'Lend an ear to my wailing' - This refers to prayer in which one raises his voice in his trouble, like Shemot 2:23, 'And their wailing arose to Gd.' What is their wailing? In one's prayer, one raises his voice and turns his eyes above, as in Yeshayah 22:5, 'And wailing to the mountains.'

"And this prayer, 'To my tears be not silent,' ascends before the King and no gate can stand in its way, and tears are never returned empty.'"

(Zohar Bereishit pg. 132a)

May we be inscribed and sealed for a great year,

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