Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Forgive even if you can't forgive


"Even if one declines to forgive in order to help the penitent, he must remove the hatred from his heart, since the penitent has sincerely asked for forgiveness."

(R' Yisrael Meir Kagan, Mishneh Berurah 606:9)

Gmar tov,


  1. The MALBIM (in Ayelet Hashachar) said that in the Tanach the concept of selicha is only forgiveness granted to Man by Hashem. When Gd forgives the transgression is as if it was never committed. Man can only grant mechila where he agrees to live with the sin that was committed against him.

  2. I had a somewhat related question. Much as we are exhorted to forgive-- are we also commended to tell someone if they have hurt us? Perhaps they would like to ask for forgiveness?


  3. David-
    I gave a shiur on three levels of Forgiveness, last week - Clemency, Healing and Absolution. Sounds like the Malbim links either or both of the first two with mechilah. Interesting.

    Yes, and no. There is a biblical mitzvah of rebuke, tied to not hating others in our hearts. But this is a far longer topic than we have room to discuss here. You might check my shiur at yutorah.com on the topic of tochachah.