Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Honoring children and their parents


Here's an odd midrash, commenting on Vayyikra 6:2 -

"What prayer did Moshe recite for Aharon?

"R' Mana of Yeshevav and R' Yehoshua of Sichnin cited R' Levi: From the beginning of the book [Vayyikra] until now, it is written, 'And the children of Aharon will arrange,' 'And the children of Aharon will sprinkle,' 'And the children of Aharon will place.'

"Moshe said before Gd: Is the cistern despised and its water beloved? You have given honor to trees because of their children, as we have learned, 'All types of wood are acceptable for the altar, other than olive and grape [because they are needed for their fruit],' and for Aharon You will not give honor because of his children?

"Gd replied to Moshe: Because of you, I will bring him close and I will even make him the essence and his children subsidiary - 'Instruct Aharon and his children, saying...'"

(Midrash, Vayyikra Rabbah 7:1)

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