Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Baruch she'Amar


“We say, ‘Blessed is He who spoke, and the world existed.’

“This is the expression of the sages, who said many times, ‘It is revealed and known before the One who spoke and the world existed,’ along the lines of the verse (Tehillim 33:9), ‘He spoke, and it was.’

“It means that that via speech the world was created, without any exhaustion or any other action, as it is written (Tehillim 33:6), ‘The heavens were created at the word of Gd.’

“This is also the message of Bereishit Rabbah (12:10) that this world was created with the letter ה, as it is written (Bereishit 2:4), ‘These are the chronicles of the heavens and the earth, בהבראם – בה"א בראם.’ It means that just as ה is the easiest letter to produce, so He created the world without any exhaustion or strain.”

(Avudraham, Baruch She’Amar and Psukei d’Zimrah)

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