Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Seder Kittel - An exercise in humility


[Note: A kittel is a simple white robe, worn by grooms under the chuppah in many Jewish communities, and also used as one of the tachrichin burial shrouds.]

"One reason to wear a kittel at the seder is to keep one from becoming arrogant in his joy; thus one wears the garment of the deceased."

(Taamei haMinhagim 503, from the Taz)

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  1. Good morning-- our custom has been just for me to wear the kittel. Is it reasonable for others to wear as well? Could one make the case for women and children?

    (On a different note, any thoughts on the "minhag" (superstition?) of not positioning one's bed in a bedroom, with the foot of the bed facing the direction of the door to the bedroom?

    Take care and Chag Kasher v'sameach


  2. Hi Michael,

    Kittel - There is merit to the idea, but I wouldn't expand beyond the standard custom.

    Bedroom - I am unfamiliar with this practice. The gemara does mention, and we hold as halachah, that one's bed should not be aligned east-west; some apply this only married couples, others to all beds.