Thursday, March 26, 2009

Worshipping Gd through our actions


On the Torah's prohibition against worshipping Gd at a single-stone "matzeivah" monument, as opposed to a multi-stone "mizbeiach" altar:

"The matzeivah, a stone taken from Gd’s creation, represents a memorial to that which Gd has done for us in Nature and History, whereas mizbeiach, a structure built up out of several stones by human hands is meant to represent the devotion of human activity to Gd…

"With the presentation of the Torah, the matzeivah concept is not only included in and absorbed by the mizbeiach, but matzeivah becomes actually sinful. Merely worshipping Gd in His Greatness and Allmight is not only a form of homage which is not pleasing to Gd, but, as our text expresses it, henceforth Gd “hates” any worship of His Greatness and Allmight which does not seek to express the moral submission of the whole of the human being to His Law, His Torah."

(R' Samson Raphael Hirsch, Commentary to Devarim 16:22, Grunfeld translation)

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