Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Exile, and hope for return


"The Sanhedrin (the high Jewish court and legislative body of the Second Temple period) went into exile in ten steps, parallel to the ten steps of exile which Gd experienced.

"Our tradition is that they went from the Lishkat haGazit in the Temple to the market area, from there into Yerushalayim, from there into Yavneh, from there to Usha, from there back to Yavneh, from there back to Usha, from there to Shifraam, from there to Beit She'arim, from there to Tzippori, from there to Tiberias, and Tiberias was the lowest of them all...
"Rabbi Yochanan said: From there they will be redeemed, as it is written (Isaiah 52), 'Be aroused, rise from the dust and return!'"
(Talmud, Rosh haShanah 31a-b)

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