Saturday, June 14, 2008

Faith, Heresy and Mistakes


"Every Jew must believe that the contents of the Torah are entirely true; one who denies any of what is found in the Torah, knowing that this is the Torah's opinion, is called a kofer (denier)...

"However, one who holds on to the Torah of Moshe and believes its principles, and is fooled in his analysis when he comes to examine the Torah logically and through his understanding of the text, such that he misstates one of the Torah's principles, or his analysis misleads him to deny that principle altogether... or he thinks that a fundamental principle is not truly fundamental and he thinks it is like other non-essential ideas that appear in the Torah... such a person is not a kofer. He is in the category of Jewish sages and pious people, even if he is mistaken in his analysis. He sins accidentally, and must atone."

(R' Yosef Albo, Sefer haIkkarim I 2)

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