Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Our "URchatz" Washing


At the Seder on Passover evening, before Karpas, we wash our hands - but there are two different washing practices:
A) Some families have water brought out, and the hands of the head of the Seder are washed.
B) In other families, everyone's hands are washed.
Why are there two different customs?

Rabbi Yaakov Wehl suggests that there are two sources for the hand-washing practice.
A) One reason is to vary from general practice (in which we wash only for bread, not for fruits and vegetables), inspiring questions from our children. We successfully highlight that variation even if just one person washes.

B) The other reason to wash is to recall Temple times, when even produce was eaten in purity, requiring hand-washing. According to this source, everyone should wash.

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