Thursday, April 10, 2008

Excellence in Torah Study


"There was a debate between Rabbi Shimon ben Gamliel and the Sages: Is it better to be a Sinai [an expert in broad areas of Torah] or a Grinder of Mountains [a master of fine distinctions and deep understanding]? One said Sinai is better, the other said Grinder of Mountains is better.

"Rav Yosef was a Sinai, and Rabbah was a Grinder of Mountains. They sent the question to the sages of Israel - 'Who has precedence [in teaching in the study hall]?'

"The Israeli sages responded that Sinai does; it is said, 'Everyone needs the person with the grain.'

"Despite this, Rav Yosef did not accept this honor."

(Talmud, Horiyyot 14a)

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