Monday, September 8, 2014

Leaders who challenged Gd


"And Rabbi Elazar said: Chanah launched words heavenward, as Shemuel I 1:10 says, 'And she prayed upon Gd' – this teaches that she launched words heavenward.

"And Rabbi Elazar said: Eliyahu launched words heavenward, as Melachim I 18:37 says, 'You turned their hearts back.' Rabbi Shemuel bar R' Yitzchak said: How do we know that Gd acknowledged this to Eliyahu? Michah 4:6 says, '[I will gather in] those whom I made ra.'…

"And Rabbi Elazar said: Moshe launched words heavenward, as Bamidbar 11:2 says, 'And Moshe prayed to Gd' – read it not as 'to Gd' but as 'upon Gd.' Rabbi Yannai's yeshiva taught it from Devarim 1:1, 'ודי זהב' – Moshe said before Gd, 'Master of the universe! The silver and gold You flowed upon the Jews until they said די [enough] is what caused them to create the calf!'"

(Talmud, Berachot 31b-32a)

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