Saturday, May 11, 2013

48 Ways: #33 - Love generosity


Pirkei Avot 6:5 teaches that Torah is acquired in 48 ways, which it lists for us. The thirty-third of the 48 is oheiv et hatzedakot, to love generosity. [One might also translate this as "to love righteousness", but I don't think that works here, based on the next of the 48.]

The previous "way" was that one must love others, and we suggested that a misanthrope will not understand, or relate to, the many mitzvot and lessons of social interaction offered in Torah. Along the same lines, perhaps one needs to love generosity in order to succeed in Torah, because without this appreciation for generosity one cannot develop comprehension of the lessons of Divine generosity in the Torah.

Alternatively, one might suggest a simpler read: That a Jew must refine his spiritual personality, including his generosity, in order to become a better student of Torah.

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