Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Imitating Gd


"Mitzvah #8 [in the Torah] is to make ourselves appear like Gd, as it is written, 'And you shall walk in His ways.' This is repeated in the Torah, in the verse 'to walk in His ways.'

"This is explained (in Sotah 14), 'Just as Gd is called 'Giving', so you should be giving. Just as Gd is called 'Merciful', so you should be merciful...'

"It is also repeated in the Torah with different language, 'You shall walk after Gd.' This is explained as trying to say that one should imitate the good deeds and honored traits that are ascribed to Gd - as if description of Gd were possible, for Gd is far above anything else."

(Maimonides, The Book of Mitzvot, Aseh #8)

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