Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chanukah's Light unto the Nations


"Apparently, one who lives among the nations must light outside the entrance to his home, or in a window close by, so that the miracle will be publicized among the nations, for they will ask what it is and so the story and the essential miracle will become known to them. This is a biblical text: “And I will be elevated and sanctified and known before the eyes of many nations.” Many passages show that Gd cares about the desecration of His Name among the nations and the sanctification of His Name among them."

(R' Shimon Sofer, Hitorirut Teshuvah 1:153)

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  1. This seems to contradict the halacha that says today it is enough to light the candles in the house.

  2. David-
    That position was taken out of necessity, not preference.