Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Evil Eye today


"Regarding two brothers who wish to wed two sisters: The Noda b'Yehudah challenged [the prohibition] because the gemara includes such cases; he contended that R' Yehudah haChasid only meant to instruct his descendants. However, the Chida answered that there is a difference between then and now, because (1) The forces of the evil eye are stronger today, and (2) People don't normally marry thus today, and so there is concern for the evil eye…

"One could argue his first point, for it is known that many issues of the evil eye are not found today… Perhaps our generation is better in this regard; the 'other side' is nourished by forces of sanctity, so that in the days of our ancestors' sanctity this force was stronger… It appears that one should be concerned where people are customarily cautious…"

(Rav Ovadia Yosef, Yabia Omer 2: Even haEzer 7:11)

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