Sunday, August 14, 2011

Religious coercion, or assistance in developing your better self?


"We confiscate assets from those who have vowed to bring burnt offerings or celebration offerings [if they delay fulfilling their vows].

"Even though the offering will not be acceptable [lit. 'atone'] without his agreement, per Vayyikra 1:3 which says 'according to his desire,' nonetheless, we compel him until he says, 'I desire.'"

(Mishnah, Arachin 5:6)

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  1. Conversation between IRS Agent (IA) and Rabbi (R):
    IA: We are auditing the return of Sam Goldberg. Is he a member of your Shul?
    R: Yes.
    IA: Did he donate $50,000 dollars to the Shul?
    R: He will!