Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Secrets of Gd


"Gd caused King Chizkiyahu to suffer, and told Yeshayah, "Go visit the sick," as it is written, "In those days, Chizkiyahu became deathly ill, and the prophet Yeshayah son of Amotz came to him and said, 'So says Gd: Instruct your household, for you will die and not live.'"

"What did that message mean? You will die in this world, and you will not live in the next world.

"Chizkiyahu asked: Why should all this befall me?

"Yeshayah replied: Because you have not been involved in procreation.

"Chizkiyahu explained: I saw in a Divinely inspired vision that I would have bad children!

"Yeshayah replied: What business do you have in the secrets of the Merciful One? You should do as you are instructed, and Gd will do whatever pleases Gd."

(Talmud, Berachot 10a)

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