Sunday, April 25, 2010

The depressing aspect of Divine Omniscience


"R’ Eela was climbing a ladder in the home of Rabbah bar Shila when he heard a child read, ‘The Former of mountains and Creator of wind, who tells a person his prattle.’ He said, ‘If a servant’s master can even tell him his prattle, does he have any recourse?’

"What is ‘his prattle?’ Rav said: Even the extra prattle between husband and wife is told to him when he dies."

(Talmud, Chagigah 5b)

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  1. Wow, talk about leaving one feeling depressed/guilty. So what are couples to do? Rav must of been a gem of a guy to live with, if he was married.

  2. Hi Filala,
    Yes, it's worth reading the rest of that gemara, particularly as it explains what Rav personally did. I didn't feel comfortable putting it in the post because it would be open to mis-reading, but I'd recommend looking at the text.