Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Job One: Believe in Me


"The first mitzvah is that Gd commanded us to believe in Gd, meaning to believe that there is a Catalyst and Cause which creates all that exists, as the Torah says, ‘I am HaShem your Gd.’

"At the end of Tractate Makkot the sages said, '613 mitzvot were told to Moshe at Sinai. What is the verse for this? ‘Moshe commanded us Torah’' – Meaning, the number of ת-ו-ר-ה.

"The sages then challenged this, for ת-ו-ר-ה is 611, and their answer was that the Jews heard Anochi and Lo Yihyeh directly from Gd. It is clear from this that Anochi HaShem is one of the 613 mitzvot. This is the commandment to believe, as we have explained."

(Rambam, Sefer haMitzvot, Aseh 1)

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