Thursday, June 4, 2009

The pain of Rabbi Eliezer, the teacher of Torah


"[When Rabbi Eliezer was on his deathbed] he took his two arms and placed them on his chest and said: Woe to you, my two arms, which are like two rolled Torah scrolls!

"I have learned much Torah, and I have taught much Torah. I have learned much Torah, but I took from my mentors only as a dog takes from water. I taught much Torah, but my students only took from me as an applicator takes from eye make-up.

"Further, I studied 300 laws regarding a strong white baheret mark [of tzaraat], and no one ever asked me about them! And I studied 300 laws – some say 3000 laws – in planting cucumbers, and no one ever asked me about them, except Akiva ben Yosef!"

(Talmud, Sanhedrin 68a)

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