Saturday, February 21, 2009

Divine attention to the events of this world


"Rabbi Simon taught: There is not a single blade of grass that lacks a constellation in the heavens that strikes it and says, ‘Grow!’

"This is the meaning of the verse (Job 38:33), ‘Do you know the laws of heaven? Can you establish its control over the earth?’"

(Midrash, Bereishit Rabbah 10:6)

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  1. (On a complete "side-note"-- the "word verification" today for placing a comment on the block is "bayptsma"-- awfully similar to baptism-- ) Now on to business.

    It seems to me that I have heard differing views on the extent of hashgacha pratis. From where do we learn the other views that suggest that Hashem is involved in the details of everything human-- but not non-human? Is there a sound basis to the other opinion?


  2. Hi Michael,
    Good question. There are, indeed, many diverse views, fed by varying sources in gemara and midrash.
    The specific view you mention sounds like the Rambam's view. See Moreh haNevuchim 3:17.