Saturday, January 24, 2009

Learning, Doing, Teaching


It's a bit complicated today, but worth the effort:

"Rabbi Nechemiah said: When they buried King Chizkiyah, they honored him by placing a Torah scroll upon his bier and declaring, 'This one fulfilled everything written in that one.'...

"Rabbi Yochanan said: Nowadays, we also say 'This one fulfilled everything written in that one' - but we don't say, 'This one taught everything written in that one.' [This implies that teaching is greater than practicing.]

"But have we not learned, 'Learning is great, for it leads to deeds?' [Which implies that practicing is greater than learning.]

"One statement is regarding learning, the other statement is regarding teaching. [In other words: Practicing Judaism is greater than learning about it, but teaching others is even greater.]"

(Talmud, Bava Kama 17a)

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