Thursday, October 2, 2008

The opportunity to repent


"Among the kindnesses which Gd has performed with His creations is that He has prepared for them a path by which to climb up from the ditch of their deeds and to flee from the trap of their sins, to save themselves from destruction and to remove His wrath from them.

"He instructed them and warned them to return to Him, in His goodness and justness, when they sin, for He knows human nature...

"Even if people err and rebel and betray Gd, He does not close the doors of repentance to them, as it is written, 'Return to the One against whom You have deepened your rebellion (Isaiah 31:6),' and 'Return, errant children; I will heal your wandering ways (Jeremiah 3:22).'"

(Rabbeinu Yonah, Gates of Repentance 1:1)

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