Saturday, September 13, 2008

Body and Soul


I see great depth in this parable:

"Antonines (a Roman leader) said to Rabbi Yehudah haNassi: The body and soul could exonerate themselves from guilt (after death)! The body could say that the soul sinned; since the day the two had split, the body simply lay, like a silent stone, in the grave! And the soul could say that the body sinned; since the day the two had split, the soul had floated in the air like a bird!

"Rabbi Yehudah haNassi replied: I will give you a parable. This may be compared to a human king who has a beautiful orchard, with beautiful figs. He placed two guards in it, one lame and one blind. The lame one said to the blind one, 'I see beautiful figs; put me on your shoulders, and we will get them and eat them.' The lame one rode on the blind one's shoulders, brought them, and they ate them.

"Days later, the orchard owner returned and asked, 'Where are the beautiful figs?' The lame one said, 'Do I have legs on which to walk?' The blind one said, 'Do I have eyes with which to see?'

"So he put the lame one on the blind one's shoulders, and judged them as a unit."

(Talmud, Sanhedrin 91a-b)

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