Thursday, February 14, 2008

Daily Torah Thought - 2/15


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Simple advice on Jewish education:

"It is written, 'Educate each child according to his path, and even when he ages he will not stray therefrom. (Proverbs 22:6)'

"If you see that a child succeeds in Tanach and not Talmud, don't rush him, to teach him Talmud. And if he understands Talmud, don't press him, to teach him Tanach. Train him in that which he can comprehend.

"It is also written (Avot 5:21), 'At the age of 15, he should learn Talmud.' What is the application of this lesson? That if one sees that his [15 year old] son does not merit success in Talmud, he should teach him the great laws, midrash and Tanach."

(Rabbi Yehudah haChasid, Sefer Chasidim 308)

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